Your Policing - Your View

15fed Mehefin 2015

Gwent PCC Ian Johnston launches his 'Your Policing - Your View' public consultation today which asks the public for their feedback on his police and crime priorities for Gwent.

The Commissioner is asking the public to complete a short but important questionnaire to inform his future priorities.

The Commissioner regularly reviews his police and crime priorities to ensure they deliver what the public need.

The current priorities in the Police and Crime Plan are:

  1. The people of Gwent are satisfied that the police provide a service which meets their requirements;
  2. To prevent and reduce crime;
  3. To take more effective action to tackle anti-social behaviour;
  4. To protect people from serious harm;
  5. To make the best use of resources and provide value for money;

There are also a number of emerging themes at both local and national levels which inform policing requirements to which Mr Johnston and the Chief Constable must have regard to such as cybercrime and child safeguarding. The consultation also asks the public to provide feedback on these areas.

Urging people to take part in the consultation, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Ian Johnston, said: "I think these priorities are important and I want to know if they are still important to the public and what emerging areas of police work they feel I should be considering in any future revisions of my plan.

The Police deliver against my police and crime plan and the partners in the community support it through their work so it's vital that the public lets me know what matters to them."

To access the consultation, please log on to

This consultation will close 4pm, 7th August 2015.
To find out more about the Commissioner's Police and Crime plan, visit