2016 PCCs Election Guidance

4ydd Ebrill 2016


The Office of The Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for Gwent is a non-political, impartial organisation which exists to support the work of the elected PCC. In this respect we are similar to a ministerial office in government where civil servants work for the government of the day. All of our staff are politically restricted.



As we approach the election, prospective candidates are announcing their intention to run. Information on candidates standing in Gwent will be available on this website www.choosemypcc.org.uk from around 13th April when candidate statements will be published.

The Gwent OPCC has provided an Election 2016 link for candidates and the media on the homepage of its website www.gwent.pcc.police.uk/about-us/elections-2016/ and you may find some of this information useful.

The PCC election is different to a parliamentary election (where parliament is dissolved a few weeks beforehand). Commissioners remain in office throughout the purdah period, although they should not make any major policy decisions during this time. When a new PCC is elected, the incumbent will officially hand over to them a week after the election.



The pre-election purdah period began on March 21 and will end on May 12th 2016 when the new Commissioner will commence their role. The OPCC will continue day-to-day business during this period but will only be providing information around the activities of the office and general information around the election where necessary.



  • Monday March 21st to Thursday May 12th - Pre-election period known as Purdah;
  • Thursday April 7th - PCC candidates declare their intent to stand by 16:00hrs;
  • Friday April 8th - Official list of declared candidates released;
  • Wednesday 13th April - Candidate statements will be published and will appear on https://wwwchoosemypcc.org.uk;
  • Thursday May 5th - Election Day;
  • Sunday May 8th - Official Election Count for Gwent at the Velodrome in Newport;
  • Wednesday May 11th - Term of office for current PCC ends;
  • Thursday May 12th - New PCC commences role.