Positive Futures

Positive Futures is a sport-based social inclusion programme that uses sport as a tool to engage with young people.

Activities are delivered free of charge in locations such as youth clubs, leisure centres, parks or in the middle of housing estates, and targeted at areas where there has been an identified problem with crime or antisocial behaviour.

The Positive Futures team run a range of open access, voluntary sessions across Gwent, as well as targeted work with young people through referrals from partnership agencies.

By offering children and young people the chance to take part in activities and be supported by adult mentors at an early age, Positive Futures is reinforcing good behaviours and helping to set the groundwork that will allow them to have a happy and healthy future.

C’s story

C is 13 years old and lives in Newport with his mum and three younger siblings. Mum is a victim of domestic abuse and struggles to manage C and his behaviour. Dad does not live with the family and is not a consistent figure in C’s life. C witnessed the domestic abuse between mum and dad and struggles to cope with his emotions. He also has additional learning needs and has recently been excluded from school. C is an extremely vulnerable child and at a high risk of child criminal exploitation by older teenagers and adults within the area. He is known to the police for antisocial behaviour and theft.

C was referred to the Positive Futures team through the Youth Justice Service. Through weekly sessions with the team, he has begun to build relationships with trusted adults and work with positive male role models, something he currently lacks in his day to day life.

Since starting with Positive Futures C is now more physically active, enjoying the gym and trying new sports such as swimming. His behaviour and language have improved, and he has started to relax and trust the Positive Futures team. The team have worked with C to help him understand that, due to past behaviours, his name is known to the police who continue to monitor him closely, and he understands that for this to change he needs to behave.

C is currently waiting on a suitable education place and the Positive Futures team continue to support him.