Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner

The Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent is Eleri Thomas.

Eleri was appointed as deputy to Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Mudd in May 2024.

She previously served as deputy to former commissioner Jeff Cuthbert from 2016, and in early 2024 was temporarily appointed Acting Police and Crime Commissioner to cover a period of ill health.

During this time, she led on children and young people issues, and worked with people who are in the criminal justice system, victims of crime, and those that are vulnerable and require safeguarding and support. She was also responsible for developing and delivering early intervention and prevention programmes for police and youth services and helped to successfully launch the pioneering ‘Heddlu Bach’ Mini Police scheme in Gwent.

Eleri has more than 20 years’ experience working in strategic leadership and management roles in Wales, and was previously the Deputy Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

£57,177 per annum

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