Police and Crime Panel

The Gwent Police and Crime Panel examines the actions and decisions of the Commissioner. The Panel makes sure information is available for you so that you can assess whether they are holding the Commissioner to account.

The Panel supports and challenges the Commissioner when they carry out their functions.

It focuses on important strategic actions and decisions made by the Commissioner, including whether they have:

  • achieved the aims in their Police and Crime Plan and annual report;
  • considered the priorities of community safety partners;
  • consulted appropriately with the public and victims of crime.

Panel powers

The Panel has a range of powers to help them carry out their function and specific responsibilities relating to the Police and Crime Plan and annual report. These include:

  • making reports and recommendations on these two documents, which the Commissioner must take account and respond to
  • publishing all reports and recommendations that it makes
  • hold public meetings to discuss the annual report and to question the Commissioner.

The Panel can also make reports or recommendations about the proposals by the Commissioner, on:

  • the level of the precept (council tax charge for the police);
  • appointing a Chief Constable.

Panel members

For more information about Gwent’s Police and Crime Panel, its members, meetings and business, please visit the Police and Crime Panel website.

Making a complaint to the Police and Crime Panel

We publish information relating to the number of complaints and/or conduct matters brought to the Commissioner's attention by the Police and Crime Panel.

Information will be updated at the beginning of each financial year as a minimum.

How to make a complaint against the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner.