Strategic Commissioning

The Commissioner strategically commissions a range of services to meet statutory responsibilities and the priorities of the Police and Crime Plan. These services are funded through a mix of contracts and grants, generally over a medium to long term period. Each year the Commissioner will set out the ‘Commissioning Intentions’ for the next 12 months. These are jointly developed and agreed by the OPCC and Gwent Police. Strategically commissioned services include the following:

Victims services
To provide support for victims of crime to help them cope and recover from the harm they have experienced. This includes generic services for adults and victims of crime as well as specialist services for victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Diversion services
To divert women and young adults away from the criminal justice system by providing support to reduce re-offending.

Substance misuse services
To provide support for those in the criminal justice system to address their substance misuse with the intention of reducing re-offending.

Diversionary activity
To provide sporting and other activities which divert vulnerable and at risk children and young people away from crime and enable to reach their potential.

The Commissioner also contributes to the work of key community safety and youth offending partners, working together to deliver projects and service across the five local authorities in Gwent that will support delivery of the Police and Crime Plan Priorities. This work is supported through funding contributions to the Community Safety Partnerships and Youth Offending Services in Gwent.

Annual Commissioning Intentions:
Commissioning Intentions 23/24
Commissioning Intentions 22/23
Commissioning Intentions 21/22

Funding Awarded