Positive Impact Fund

*Applications to this fund are currently on hold until after the Police and Crime Commissioner elections which take place on Thursday 2 May 2024.*

The Commissioner has established an annual fund of £10,000 which is designed to deliver short term positive outcomes for recipients and the community in Gwent. Typically awards are between £200 - £500 and requests can be made by writing to commissioner@gwent.police.uk. If you make a request, please include in your request what specifically you would like the Commissioner to fund, the amount being requested and the difference it will make.

Successful Bids:





2018/19 - decision log PCCG-2019-026

2017/18 - decision log  PCCG-2018-024

2016/17  (May 2016 to March 2017) - decision log PCCG-2017-020

2016/17 (to April 2016) - decision log PCCG-2016-002

2015/16 - decision log - PCCG-2016-030

2014/15 - decision log PCCG-2015-025

2013/14 - decision log PCCG-2014-093