What happens during the review process (easy read)

Asking for a review of a complaint dealt with by Gwent Police

  • Please note: The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) can onlyreview a complaint against Gwent Police if it has already been investigated by Gwent Police’s Professional Standards Department (PSD). 
  • If the PSD determines that the OPCC is the appropriate body to review your complaint, it will write to you. You then have 28 days to ask for a review.
  • We can’t re-investigate a complaint. Our role is to ensure that the process and outcome provided by PSD is reasonable and proportionate.

When requesting a review

  • Details of how to request a review will be included in the outcome letter sent to you by Gwent Police.
  • Please fill in the form on our website and include a copy of the outcome letter as this will make things quicker.   Please email it to us on commissioner@gwent.pnn.police.uk
  • We will confirm that we have received it and give you a single point of contact.
  • You might be contacted for more information to support your review.
  • Your information will be shared with an external organisation called Sancus, which undertakes reviews on our behalf. Sancus does not make a final decision, but provides us with a recommendation to consider.
  • We aim to get your review completed in 28 days but sometimes this can take longer.
  • You can expect to receive a progress update at least every 28 days.
  • Once we have completed your review, you will receive a letter from us explaining the outcome.

Post review

  • Our decision is final. Once you have received our decision, there is no further right of review from us. However, if you do not believe the review has been dealt with in accordance with the law, then you could consider a judicial review.
  • If we make recommendations to Gwent Police about your complaint, PSD must respond to us within 28 days. We can expand this deadline if more time is needed.
  • Our recommendations may or may not be accepted by Gwent Police, but we will tell you what Gwent Police proposes to do next.