How to make a complaint against the Chief Constable

The PCC is the Appropriate Authority (this has been delegated to the Chief Executive in Gwent) for dealing with complaints involving the Chief Constable.

Complaints made against the Chief Constable must be about his or her direct actions. A complaint cannot be made against the Chief Constable where the authority has been delegated to another officer or staff member within Gwent Police. We understand that from the public’s point of view, the Chief Constable represents Gwent Police and that these complaints are often made in good faith, but without a clear understanding that in practice, the matter does not involve the Chief Constable. In these instances, a response will be provided explaining that the matters raised against the Chief Constable cannot be considered as a complaint against them but will be passed to Gwent Police for further consideration to be given about a complaint being raised against the officers or staff members directly involved. If any additional information is able to be provided that evidences the Chief Constable’s involvement in the matters complained about, we will consider the complaint made in more detail.
If you have a complaint in relation to the Chief Constable, please send it to the OPCC by:


In writing to:
Chief Executive
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Police Headquarters
Llantarnam Park Way
NP44 3FW