Statement: Sunday Times investigation

23rd November 2022

The allegation of abhorrent messages found on a former police officer’s mobile phone, as reported by the Sunday Times, is very serious.

The messages date back a number of years but only came to the attention of Gwent Police when they were reported in the media. Many of the officers involved are believed to be retired, or no longer work for Gwent Police.

This case is now the subject of an independent investigation and, if it is found that it does involve wrongdoing by serving police officers, I will expect very firm action to be taken. As Commissioner, I have no formal role in this investigation.

Chief Constable Pam Kelly and I have briefed the Gwent MPs and MSs and continue to work closely with Welsh Government in relation to this case. My priority now is to support the Chief Constable to ensure these claims are investigated and take the appropriate action.

I strongly believe that this case does not represent most police officers in Gwent who are committed to serving and protecting our communities. I know hard working officers and staff are equally angry and frustrated that their reputation has been called into question based on the actions of a few.

I want to reassure our communities that we will not bury our heads in the sand, and we will work continuously to challenge unacceptable behaviour wherever we find it.