Help for victims and witnesses of abuse

18th August 2022


Going to court can be a daunting experience.

Victims and witnesses of domestic abuse or sexual abuse who are asked to give evidence at a trial or attend a family hearing are entitled to special measures.

Special measures are interventions that can offer safety and protection to help victims and witnesses within the justice process.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Jeff Cuthbert said: “I am committed to delivering effective support for victims. I am pleased to see changes to the court process that help support our most vulnerable victims and witnesses of domestic abuse and sexual abuse.

“The special measure process could be life changing for anyone who has not been in a court room or part of the justice process before.

“Providing opportunities to give evidence from a remote evidence facility or even asking members of the public to leave a court room could offer victims and witnesses a greater chance of a successful conviction against a perpetrator.”

There are 15 Safe video evidence facilities across Wales, including one in Newport.

Some other examples of special measures include:

  • Using a screen in court to shield the victim or witness
  • Using a separate room to give evidence
  • Recording evidence before the trial so it can be played in court
  • Asking lawyers and judges to remove wigs and gowns
  • Asking members of the public to leave before evidence is given

Police officers, family court staff, domestic abuse and sexual assault support workers can help victims and witnesses access special measures.

For more information, call, text or message Live Fear Free 0808 80 10 80