Creating a fairer criminal justice system

10th October 2022

This week we mark Hate Crime Awareness Week, an annual event that takes place within the broader context of Black History Month.

Racism and other kinds of hate crime will not be tolerated here in Gwent. These are horrible, complex offences and can leave victims dealing with physical and emotional damage for many years.

Injustice remains in our society and public services have a duty to commit to real and sustainable change. I want to reassure our communities that anyone dealing with the police in Gwent will be treated equally, fairly and with respect.

As part of this commitment my team have worked with our partners in Criminal Justice Wales to develop and implement a dedicated and transparent anti-racism action plan.  

The plan was developed over 18 months, working closely with more than 600 members of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities across Wales. It outlines the actions that we will take over the next three years as part of our commitment to achieving an anti-racist criminal justice system.

Holding us to account for these commitments will be an independent oversight and advisory panel. This consists of 12 members, drawn from across Wales, with diverse professional backgrounds and lived experience, who will scrutinise the delivery of the plan.

Trust in the criminal justice system has been damaged and as public services we have a duty to rebuild this trust. Involving communities and those who have real experience of dealing with injustice has been vital in developing this plan. Their knowledge and insight will guide us as we work proactively with our partners towards our shared goal of an anti-racist Wales.

We recognise the challenges ahead, but I am confident that, by working together, we can achieve our goals and create a fairer criminal justice system, and a fairer society, for all.

Read the Criminal Justice Anti-Racist Action Plan for Wales