Criminal Justice Partners

The Commissioner has a pivotal role in helping local criminal justice partners to work together as well as introducing greater accountability, which will contribute to the delivery of justice. By using their public mandate, the Commissioner will bring greater clarity to the way that these partners prioritise and collaborate across the criminal justice system.

The Commissioner sits alongside partners on the Criminal Justice Board to bring together local criminal justice agencies to promote joined-up criminal justice processes across a range of areas

Criminal justice partners

Criminal justice partners have a long and established relationship with the police, which continues to be case.

There is a reciprocal duty for the Commissioner to work in co-operation with 'responsible authorities' and to have regard to their priorities; and for the Commissioner to work with local criminal justice bodies to provide an 'efficient and effective criminal justice system for the police area'.

Duty to Co-operate

The criminal justice bodies included within the duty to cooperate are the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS)prisonsprobation and youth offending teams.

The duty places a flexible framework for partnership working between the Commissioner and their community safety and criminal justice partners, that aims to ensure that all partners' decisions taken on local priorities and investment take account of their wider implications.


The Crown Prosecution Service, police and other criminal justice partners will continue to work together to bring improvements across the whole criminal justice system, and while the Commissioner will want to work with partners in the criminal justice system, the principles of operational independence, impartiality, individual priority-setting and accounting responsibilities are respected.