Victims to Have a say in how Offenders should be Punished

1st July 2014

The Community Remedy is intended to give victims more of a say in the punishment of offenders out of court and provides a list of the out-of-court punishment options which can be presented to a victim by a Police Officer so they can choose how an offender can be dealt with when they commit low level a minor crime or anti-social behaviour.

There is a duty on all Police and Crime Commissioners to consult with members of the public on what actions they would consider appropriate to be included as Community Remedy options and that's why Gwent PCC Ian Johnston launched his survey today.

The Community Remedy options will be presented to a victim and they will be asked to indicate a preference for how the offender could be dealt with. The remedy is aimed at first time offenders. The types of offences appropriate for a Community Remedy include low-level criminal damage, low value theft, and minor assaults (without injury) and anti-social behaviour.

The offender must have admitted committing the offence and the victim must have requested an out of court resolution, however the Police will have the final decision to ensure the remedy is proportionate to the incident.

Urging people to fill in the survey and have their say, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Ian Johnston, said: "This is a chance to give victims more of a say in the punishment of offenders out of court.

It allows for swift justice to be delivered and for first time low level offending to be nipped in the bud. Locally, justice can be seen to be done which is likely to improve public confidence.

The transition process towards locally-provided services is currently underway and in Gwent my team and I have been engaged in comprehensive discussions and consultations with a range of partners in the community to shape how victims' services will look and be delivered here in future. The survey launched today is an example of the ways in which we are consulting members of the public on the design and makeup of victims' services here in Gwent."

The survey will run from today until the end of July and it's planned that a community remedy process will be in place and published in Gwent by October 2014. The list of actions may vary from one police force area to another, based on what is available in the area and what the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and the Chief Constable agree are appropriate.

To complete the online survey log onto . The closing date for responses is Thursday 31st July 2014. Other formats of the survey are also available on request from the Police and Crime Commissioner's office by emailing . All hard copy responses should be sent by post to:

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Police Headquarters
NP44 2XJ