Still time to have your say on policing

5th January 2021

There is still time to have your say on policing in Gwent, before the Police and Crime Commissioner’s survey closes on January 10.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Jeff Cuthbert, would like to know residents’ views on a range of issues including their satisfaction with local policing and Gwent Police’s response to Covid-19.

He also wants to hear views on police funding to inform his decision when setting the policing part of resident’s council tax payments for the next financial year.

Jeff Cuthbert said: “I know that times are hard for many people, especially those whose jobs and livelihoods have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this pandemic has also shown just how incredibly important policing is to protect and reassure our communities.

“The future financial position for policing remains challenging. Gwent Police has had significant cuts in government funding since 2010. It has had to make almost £50million in savings and must save a further £5million by 2024. During this time, the demands on policing have continued, and will continue, to grow.

“Our medium term financial planning tells us that a rise in the council tax precept of up to £2 a month for the average band D property would allow Gwent Police to maintain services at current levels for the next year.

“This is an incredibly difficult decision to have to make, especially in the middle of a pandemic, but it is one that I cannot shy away from. Listening to the people of Gwent is incredibly important to me and, before I make any decision on the police budget for 2021/22, I want to hear your views. Please take the time to complete the survey and have your say.”

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