Scrutinising the use of force

10th February 2022

Last week we held our independent Legitimacy Scrutiny Panel which undertook a review of recent incidents involving Gwent Police officers where there was a use of force.

The purpose of the panel is to ensure that the use of force – such as use of handcuffs – and the use of stop and search powers are conducted fairly and effectively.

Gwent Police regularly review these incidents but the panel, which consists of my team, community members, and senior officers, provides an additional layer of scrutiny to the process.

The panel reviewed a dip sampling of body worn video footage and gave feedback around the timing of camera use, as well as recommending additional training to be given to officers in response to specific incidents.

Panel members also provided substantial feedback to highlight excellent engagement by officers, particularly when dealing with vulnerable individuals.

This is just one of the ways in which I hold Gwent Police to account on behalf of the public, and ensure the force provides an efficient and effective service.

You can view the reports from these panels on my website