Police and Crime Commissioner thanks Special Constables for their service

6th June 2020

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Jeff Cuthbert, has written to all 68 Special Constables at Gwent Police thanking them for their service, as part of National Specials Weekend (6 – 7 June).

Special Constables are volunteer police officers who give their time for free to support their communities. They have the same powers as regular officers and receive the same training.

Jeff Cuthbert said: “I would like to take the opportunity presented by National Specials Weekend to say thank you to all of the 68 Special Constables currently working for Gwent Police.

“These volunteer officers give up their personal time, unpaid, to protect residents and serve their communities.

“Their contribution to policing in Gwent is significant and their commitment and dedication must be admired.

“This has never been more apparent than during the current pandemic where Gwent Police’s special constables have gone above and beyond the expectations of them as volunteers to boost police resources at this critical time.

“Every hour spent volunteering as a Special Constable really does make a difference and I would encourage anyone interested to get in touch with Gwent Police to find out more.”

For information on becoming a Special Constable visit the Gwent Police website.