Police and Crime Commissioner confirms plans regarding Usk Police Station

7th November 2013

Whilst the station has not been open to the public for a while, the Force is now putting together a plan to increase public contact and raise the profile of the station in consultation with local partners. In addition, Gwent Police will also be taking up an offer from Usk Town Council to utilise the Sessions House building for an exciting range of new partnership activities that will offer the public greater visibility of our staff and policing services.

Mr Johnston commented: "During my first 12 months as Commissioner, the closure of front desks at police stations is the one subject area that has generated the most feedback for me and one that I am determined to address. The feedback I am getting is that more could have been done at the time of the original decision to canvass public opinion, and that the decision to close front desks is inextricably linked to public confidence.

"I can't stress enough the importance of engagement with the community when deciding the future use of police stations. There has been an ongoing review of the Gwent Police estate against the backdrop of meeting budget reductions, however it's important that the community and partners have a say in our decision-making"