PCC Outlines Vision for Policing and Community Safety

25th August 2016

Gwent PCC Jeff Cuthbert represents the people of Gwent by making sure the service provided by the police is efficient, effective and economical. To ensure that the policing needs of our communities are met, the Commissioner is consulting with the public before formally issuing a police and crime plan which sets out his key priorities for Gwent over the next four years.

Today, the Commissioner is taking the new step of issuing his initial thoughts about his Police and Crime Plan for Gwent ahead of the formal process. This is so that elected representatives, public service bodies, the voluntary sector and interested individuals can have the opportunity to provide any comments or ideas they might have at this early stage.

Mr Cuthbert has said that his thoughts on the current direction of travel make it implicit that the following are key considerations:

  • Improving further partnership working with other public services and the voluntary sector to support joint working with the work of Gwent Police in preventing crime;
  • Building and maintaining cohesion and communication with all communities within Gwent so that people feel confident that the Police understand their varied needs;
  • Examine police visibility and accessibility with the Chief Constable to ensure that uniformed presence is organised and deployed as effectively as possible;
  • Getting the balance right between provision and reassurance, which includes having well located Police Stations and the utilisation of all modern forms of communication and transport to ensure officers can provide an efficient and effective service;
  • And building a strong and positive relationship with the Welsh Government to ensure that effective schemes which support policing, such as the numbers of PCSOs in Gwent, are maintained.

Jeff Cuthbert's Police and Crime priorities for Gwent will reflect the key issues raised with him during the recent PCC election campaign as well as taking full account of other criminal and general well-being issues.

The four priorities which will form the backbone of Mr Cuthbert's new police and crime plan are:

  1. Crime Prevention - Working with key partners to reduce levels of crime which will lead to having fewer victims.
  2. Providing Support for Victims of Crime - Whilst the PCCs main focus will be on preventing crime, he will also look to provide the best service possible for victims of crime with a particular focus on victims of serious harm. He will also take into account the growing menace of cyber-crime.
  3. Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) - Working with our other partners to tackle ASB which includes issues such as nuisance neighbours, vandalism and cold calling;
  4. National (UK) Responsibilities - Ensuring that Gwent Police plays a full role in contributing to dealing with the national and regional threats from terrorism and organised serious crime.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Jeff Cuthbert, said: "The police cannot provide for the security and well-being of communities and citizens by itself and it's only through strong collaborative working with other key public services can we seek to provide the best possible quality of life for our citizens and particularly our most vulnerable. Through good joined-up working with key partners, we can reduce levels of crime and have fewer victims.My full Police and Crime Plan will go into much more detail but I intend, at this time, to base its approach on these key objectives and proposed priorities. I'm keen to receive initial observations from any organisation or individual that wishes to comment at this stage."

The full Police and Crime Plan for Gwent must be in place by the end of March 2017 following a period of formal consultation with the public. Those who wish to comment on the direction of travel issued by the Commissioner can do so by contacting his office via maria.chapman@gwent.pnn.police.uk