New officers joining the ranks of Gwent Police

22nd July 2021

I am delighted to welcome the 40 new police officers who have begun their initial training with Gwent Police this month, and the 17 new community support officers who have completed their training and are now serving our communities.

Once the new police officers have completed their training in around eight weeks’ time they will be deployed to policing teams across Gwent.

The community support officers are already active within our communities. Community support officers are the link between the police and our communities, helping to develop trust and building greater community cohesion across Gwent. It is not an easy job and CSOs are often supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

The decision to pursue a career on the front-line of policing is a brave one, particularly after the last year which has tested police forces like never before.

Both are a much-needed addition to Gwent Police at a crucial time and I wish them all the best in their careers.