Mate Crime video launched

5th March 2019

A new video to raise awareness of Mate Crime has been launched by the Volunteering Matters’ SAFE Males project, funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent.

Mate Crime is a form of hate crime in which a vulnerable person is manipulated or abused by someone they believed to be their friend.

Many cases go unreported and it is often difficult for the police to investigate.

Sianne Morgan, Volunteering Matters development manager, said: “The volunteers want to highlight that young males with a learning need or disability need more awareness around a range of topics such as safer friendships, exploitation and the different needs of males and females with disabilities, online pornography, public and private space, and inappropriate sexual advances.

“The volunteers were an integral part of the film launch, from making the audience aware about health and safety in the building, to holding discussions around mate crime. They also delivered ice breakers to involve the audience, and went on to share their individual stories about what the film meant to them.”

Jeff Cuthbert, Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Committing mate crime is, in my opinion, about as low as anyone can go. I am pleased to have supported this video which is helping to raise awareness of this often hidden crime.

“The volunteers did a fantastic job creating this video and should be pleased with the results of their hard work.”

View the video here