Majority of residents agree with Gwent Police approach to pandemic

3rd March 2021

A majority of residents agree with Gwent Police’s response to the coronavirus pandemic a Police and Crime Commissioner survey has shown.

The survey asked residents if they agreed with Gwent Police’s approach of education and encouragement, with enforcement only being used as a last resort.

A total of 1259 residents responded to the survey, with 55 per cent agreeing that this has been the right approach. Twenty-nine per cent disagreed, while 15 per cent were unsure.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert said: “Policing a pandemic is incredibly complex. Some residents feel very strongly that enforcement by the police should be stronger, while others disagree with restrictions and think there should be no enforcement at all.

“Getting it right has been a difficult balancing act and it hasn’t been helped by different regulations in England and Wales. However, this survey tells us that, overall, we have been getting it right.

“I would like to thank Gwent Police officers for their dedication and hard work, putting themselves at risk every day to keep residents safe. I would also like to thank residents for playing their part in helping us to reduce the spread of this virus.”

Wales currently remains in Alert Level 4 and Welsh Government has stated that restrictions could be eased in a few weeks’ time if transmission rates continue to fall.

Jeff Cuthbert said: “We are in a much better place now than we were at the beginning of the year and the roll out of the vaccine is proceeding well but for now the advice remains the same. Residents should continue to stay home as much as possible and travel only when necessary. Exercise for most people should start and end at home.

“Please continue to listen to the advice from trusted sources such as local councils and Public Health Wales. Follow the guidelines, stay safe, and help save lives.”