Gwent to receive £1 million to target domestic abuse perpetrators

12th May 2023

Gwent will receive more than £1million from the Home Office to target perpetrators of domestic abuse.

The funding will be used to commission specialist services to work with offenders who have received a diversionary caution for their offence, intervening at an early stage before their behaviour and risk to the victim escalates.

It will also support a multi-agency approach to reducing the threat and harm posed by high-risk perpetrators.

The Home Office has given £39million to projects across England and Wales to protect victims from domestic abuse and stalking.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert said: “I welcome the funding from the Home Office.

"We take domestic abuse incredibly seriously and over the last few years we have greatly improved the services that are offered to victims of this crime.

"However, to make a real difference we have to look at ways of reducing offending in the first place. One of the ways we can do that is by working with offenders to challenge their behaviour and reduce the risk they pose to their partners and families. The funding will help with this work and means we have an additional tool that we can use to try and tackle offenders’ behaviour before it escalates further.”