Gwent sees biggest drop in crime again

19th July 2012

The figures which look at data for the 12 months to December 2011 reveal that overall crime was down 11%, as compared to the 12 months to December 2010.

Overall there were 5134 fewer victims of crime, with notable reductions in key areas such as burglary, robbery, criminal damage, violence against the person, and vehicle crime.

Assistant Chief Constable Simon Prince commented:

"The figures are once again a ringing endorsement for Gwent Police's approach to tackling and preventing crime. The success is down to continually reviewing and refining our tactics, working closely with our partners, and listening to the public and addressing their concerns."

The key points from the figures released today highlight that:

Burglary is down 16% or 1143 fewer victims

Violence against the person is down 9% or 721 fewer victims

Robbery is down 27% or 56 fewer victims

Vehicle crime is down 23% or 1481 fewer victims

Criminal damage is down 15% or 1419 fewer victims

ACC Prince continued: "Over the past two years we have made tackling burglary one of our top priorities, and we have again seen a substantial reduction.

"Whilst we have worked hard to target criminals involved in these crimes, I believe that residents are also doing more to improve their own personal security, and are increasingly receptive to crime prevention advice provided by the police and our partners.

"I am again pleased with the progress we are making around criminal damage and vehicle crime. The public continue to make it clear that they want officers and Community Support Officers out on the streets targeting these lower level crimes, and that's what we are doing."

"The two areas where we have seen increases in incidents are around drugs and sexual offences. These increases are to be welcomed as the figures show that our proactive work is uncovering and detecting those involved in the supply of drugs, they also show that victims of sexual offences, which has always been an under reported area of crime, have more confidence to report crimes to us.

"In summary I'm extremely proud of the work our officers and staff are doing, and the difference they are making in our communities. These figures are especially encouraging at a time when we are facing considerable financial challenges and looking for ways to modernise our service. We will never be complacent and will continue to work hard serving the public."

Cilla Davies, Chair of the Gwent Police Authority, added:

"Once again the figures released by the Home Office reflect the excellent work which is going on in Gwent. The figures are a testament to the commitment and professionalism of Gwent Police officers and staff.

"Gwent Police authority will continue to work closely with the Chief Officer team, and we will challenge them to deliver even more, even though we are operating with a significantly reduced budget.

"The people of Gwent have made it clear that they want a modern and efficient policing service with officers and CSOs highly visible in the community. Whilst this will be challenging I‰Ûªm confident that it‰Ûªs achievable.

"The Authority has already demonstrated how we are able to effectively operate in austere times. Her majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary has recognised this work and acknowledged our track record in delivering value for money to the people of Gwent."