Gwent Police Awards 2020: Urban Circle

13th August 2020

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Jeff Cuthbert, has presented independent arts organisation, Urban Circle, with an award as part of the Gwent Police Force Awards 2020.

Since 2018 the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent has contributed funding to Urban Circle’s U-Turn project which uses the creative arts to tackle social problems affecting young people.

The funding pays for a project leader, engagement officer and youth worker to put on a series of events throughout the year.

As well as experience planning major events, the young people involved in the U-Turn Project are gaining qualifications in areas such as youth work, sports, stewarding and first aid, which are helping them to get paid work.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert said, “I’m delighted to present Urban Circle with this award.

“The work that Urban Circle is doing has supported hundreds of young people in Newport to learn, build their confidence and make friends, while crucially setting them up with the skills they need to get jobs in the future.

“Many of these young people could otherwise be at risk of becoming involved with serious and organised crime, and this project is giving them the opportunity to take a different path in their lives.”

Urban Circle has hosted some notable events at key times of the year. A Halloween event in 2018 saw a huge drop in the recorded incidents of anti-social behaviour in Newport that evening, while a two-day ‘Summer Fest’ at Tredegar House in 2019 attracted hundreds of young people and families from across Gwent.

Loren Henry, co-founder of Urban Circle, said: “We are very grateful for this award and the recognition for the work we do with young people.

“Working with the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office has enabled us to support hundreds of young people in Newport, creating opportunities for them to channel their energy into positive, creative activities and give something back to their communities.”