Gwent Commissioner grilled by primary pupils

5th February 2013

As part of his commitment to engage with Gwent residents both young and old he visited the Dell Primary School in Chepstow. The Commissioner gave a presentation about his role to approximately 120 Year 5 & 6 pupils (aged 9 - 11) before they had a chance to grill him on various topics.

The Commissioner commented:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and I'm grateful to the staff and pupils for the invitation to their wonderful school. Being given a chance to explain the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner and taking part in a question and answer session is always challenging, but second guessing what the pupils were going to ask was impossible.

"I have to say though the questions which I did get were very eloquent and it was clear that the pupils wanted to find out how my role works for themselves.

"Visits such as today are very important to me and help me to pick up feedback as to how all members of our society view Gwent Police and the work they do."

If you would like the Commissioner to visit your school, club, group or organisation please visit where you can find out more information and contact details.