The Commissioner has a duty to engage with the public on a number of issues, including obtaining the views of the community on policing. In addition, there is a particular requirement to obtain the views of victims of crime. Although we are required to consult the public on an ever-increasing basis, we do not do so just because we have to.

We aim to promote and encourage public participation to inform decisions about local policing through engagement, consulting and establishing a dialogue with our stakeholders (the public, businesses and our own staff). Engagement with our diverse communities is essential if we are to meet their needs and expectations.

We will work with Gwent Police on a joint basis, where appropriate, in line with the Community Engagement Strategy, but will also undertake our own consultation.  Our strategy is based on five key principles supported by a set of minimum Engagement Standards we will comply with.

Engagement and Consultation Activity Report, 1st January 2014 to 31st July 2014

For more information, contact Neil Taylor on 01633 643001, or e-mail.