Gwent Agencies Working Together to Break the Missing Person Cycle

18th March 2013

A multi-agency team including representatives from police, health, education and social workers will work together in a co-ordinated way to share information and assess the risks that these young people may be vulnerable to.

The Gwent Missing Children Project team will also provide opportunities for runaway children to talk to someone they can trust when they return and try and uncover and address any underlying problems.

Each month Gwent Police receives around 300 reports of children who have gone missing or run away from home. These children can be at risk of harm from physical and sexual violence and exploitation, substance misuse, involvement in criminal activity and social and educational exclusion.

After attending the launch, Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner, Ian Johnston said:

"This Gwent-wide approach is as a result of all agencies working together to address the challenge of missing children.

"I would like to congratulate Deputy Chief Constable, Jeff Farrar and all those involved in making this a reality, and I really believe that this new way of working will have a positive impact in Gwent and become an example of best practice to forces nationwide."