Council tax rise to help keep communities safe

26th January 2024

The amount that households in Gwent pay for their police service will rise to address growing financial pressures caused by increasing demand on frontline policing, and rising costs.

From April, the policing precept will rise by 7.7 per cent, meaning that an average band D property will pay just over £2 a month more towards policing through council tax.

The decision follows detailed scrutiny of the operational and financial case put forward for more funding by Chief Constable Pam Kelly, and a 12-week programme of public engagement with residents across Gwent. The proposal was unanimously approved by the Gwent Police and Crime Panel, a body made up of representatives from each of Gwent’s five local authorities and two independent members, on Friday 26 January.

Acting Police and Crime Commissioner Eleri Thomas said: “One of the most important responsibilities for the Police and Crime Commissioner is to set the police budget every year and ensure that Gwent Police has the resources it needs to protect and safeguard the people of Gwent.

“We know that times are incredibly tough for many people in our communities. At the same time, rising costs are placing an immense pressure on all aspects of public service. With growing demand and costs, we are in a very challenging position as we move into the 2024-25 financial year.

“Residents have generally told us that they would be prepared to pay a little more for essential services and this increase is a compromise between affordability for residents and the money needed to continue to run an efficient and effective police service.

“Despite this rise further savings will need to be made. The Chief Constable has committed to a significant programme of change to deliver service improvements and value for money. However, the reality is that making significant cuts, year-on-year, is not a sustainable solution for the future and we will continue to call on the UK Government to provide more financial support for policing.

“I would like to thank everyone who took the time to give us their views on this, and the members of the Gwent Police and Crime Panel for their continued support.”