Commissioner Lends Support to Campaign

13th February 2013

The campaign is aimed at 13-18 year old boys and girls and provides advice and support about teenage domestic abuse via the campaign website

Across the UK the number of domestic abuse related incidents which involve teenage couples of both sexes is on the increase, with many more not being reported.

The Commissioner commented:

"Domestic abuse exists in many forms - not just physical harm, but intimidation through controlling behaviour, harassment and threats.

"It's sometimes difficult for people, perhaps more so for young people, who are not used to being in a relationship, to recognise that the way their partner is behaving towards them is actual abuse and is not acceptable.

"I fully support the campaign's aim of educating and supporting young people. Hopefully the campaign will encourage those with concerns to talk to the police or if they can't talk to the police, then talk to someone. Abuse is something you do not have to put up with." and through social media channels.