Commissioner attends Regional Youth Forum

29th September 2013

The group of 29 young people from Caerphilly, Torfaen and Monmouthshire Youth Forums attended a Regional Youth Forum which was hosted by the Caerphilly Youth Forum.

The meeting allowed the young people to question Mr Johnston and to discuss with him the opportunities young people will have to get their voices heard in the future. The young people took part in workshops on Drug Awareness Education and the future of PACT (Partnerships and Communities Together) and discussed topics such as the relationship between young people and the police, Safer Relationships (looking into Domestic Abuse), Internet Safety and understanding the link between alcohol and violent crime.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent Ian Johnston said: "I'm grateful to the young people for attending the meeting. They were open and honest about their concerns and shared their opinions on how things could be improved; I hope they found it as useful as I did. I take every opportunity to meet young people to enable us to put things in place to improve our services for them. Its heartening to know that young people are keen to take part in consultation and I hope they feel as though their voice is being heard"