Celebrating young volunteers in Torfaen

23rd February 2024

More than 170 young volunteers with the Torfaen Play Service have been celebrated at a special ceremony this week.

The young people have collectively provided about 28,000 hours of community play opportunities for children and young people at after school clubs and play schemes over the last year.

Torfaen’s play scheme is a fantastic service for the community, providing meaningful and creative opportunities to keep children occupied and enjoying themselves after school and during the holidays. It also allows the volunteers themselves the chance to give back to their community while building their confidence and learning new skills which will help them secure jobs in the future.  

We have previously worked with the service to deliver our ‘staying safe’ workshops, which enable children to have their say on issues that concern them in the community.

If you know someone who is 16+ and may be interested in volunteering with the Torfaen Play Service in 2024, more details are available on Torfaen council’s website.