Celebrating the Jubilee

9th June 2022

I was delighted to be able to contribute some funding to allow a number of community organisations to put on events that brought people together for the Jubilee last week.

Events like these help to build cohesion within communities and it was good to see people coming together to celebrate.

One of the groups was Special Movers, based in Rassau in Blaenau Gwent. Special Movers is a non-profit community group set up to support children and young adults with a range of disabilities.

The group is supported by community support officers from the local policing team, and it is wonderful to hear how the relationships have developed between the children and officers. Sadly, some of these children regularly experience bullying because of their disability, but I am please and reassured to hear that the regular contact with the local police team is helping to build their confidence and encourage positive behaviours.

This is a perfect example of the important work community support officers are doing in our communities and is this is why I have committed to growing CSO numbers to 175 across Gwent over the next three years.