Volunteers Week

3rd June 2021

It is national Volunteer’s Week this week and I want to take the opportunity to thank the many volunteers across Gwent who give up their time freely to support our public services and look after our communities.

In particular, I must thank the volunteers that work on behalf of my own office.

Independent Custody Visitors help us to ensure that the strict conditions in Gwent Police’s custody suites are met, and that the welfare and wellbeing of those detained are looked after.

Our Animal Welfare Visitors play a crucial role in making sure that Gwent Police’s dogs are well looked after and that high levels of animal welfare are met.

I must also thank Gwent Police’s Special Constables whose contribution to policing is significant, providing an extra layer of resilience that supports Gwent Police in its commitment to protect and serve our communities.

Every hour you spend volunteering really does make a difference to our communities and this has never been more apparent than during the pandemic when volunteers have provided a lifeline for those most in need.

So thank you again, to all volunteers across Gwent, for everything you do and the valuable service you provide to your communities.