To our communities

15th April 2020

The Easter break this year has been so very different to previous years, with many of us not being able to see family and friends and spend Easter in the usual way.

Gwent Police officers and staff have been out in communities doing their very best to work with people to make sure that they stay home, and they stay safe.

However, where appropriate, we have warned and fined those that have selfishly been breaching the law.

It is pleasing to report that the majority of people have shown great respect for their communities and have remained at home to prevent the spread of the disease.

Gwent Police cannot thank people enough for their support; the roads have been quiet, and most people are only taking journeys when they are absolutely necessary.

However, we are still seeing a small minority of people abuse the legislation – and the message to those that continue to put peoples’ lives at risk, is that we are continuing our pro-active approach and will enforce where necessary… this is very much in order to save lives.

We would in particular like to thank those members of the community that have shown such enormous support and kindness to our Gwent Police officers.

Many people have thanked our officers on road side and also some have provided cups of tea and even chocolate to help keep our staff going!

Businesses have provided hand sanitiser for staff and Easter eggs for us to give to local children.

All of this support has been very much appreciated and just shows what an excellent community spirit there is across Gwent.

As we await further government announcements, we are confident that whatever the coming weeks bring, and if we continue to work together, we can save more lives.

Gwent Police are working with you, on the front line of defence, so that we can protect and take the pressure from our last line of defence… our wonderful NHS!

Kind regards,

Pam Kelly – Chief Constable of Gwent Police

Jeff Cuthbert – Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent