Summer fun with Torfaen Play service

5th August 2022

This week my engagement team has been busy supporting Torfaen council’s play service.


Throughout the week the team has delivered a range of fun games and engagement exercises to more than 500 children aged between five and 11. The sessions are designed to get children thinking about the role of the police and how they feel when they see a police officer, as well as delivering key safety information including how to contact the police, seatbelt safety, the dangers and repercussions of driving whilst using a mobile phone and the impact of hoax calls on the emergency services.


Children took part in creative activities to help my office and Gwent Police understand how children and young people feel about the police and the qualities and skills they would like to see in an officer. 

The highlight for many was being able to dress up in police uniforms and have fun with their friends!

I am committed to putting children at the heart of our decision making and these sessions are helping us to better understand children’s perceptions of the police, and the issues that are most important to them.