New film raises awareness of Sexual Assault Referral Centres

27th June 2022

A powerful new film and animation have been released describing the services and support provided by sexual assault referral centres - SARCs - in Wales.

I would like to thank the those who have opened up about such a sensitive subject, to help make others aware of the help and support available in Wales.

SARCs offer specialist practical, medical, and emotional support for victims and survivors of rape, sexual assault and abuse, regardless of whether they choose to involve the police or not.

If you have been raped, sexually assaulted or abused and don’t know where to turn, visit to find your nearest sexual assault referral centre.


Sexual assault and abuse can happen to anyone. It may be a single event or happen repeatedly.

Sexual assault referral centres - or SARCs - provide a safe space and dedicated care for people who have been raped, sexually assaulted or abused.

Sexual assault referral centres are here for everyone.

SARCs offer specialist practical, medical and emotional support.

You can contact a sexual assault referral centre to make an appointment or ask someone else, such as a healthcare professional, charity, friend or family member to do this for you.

It doesn’t matter when it happened and whether you choose to involve the police or not, support is available to everyone.

If you have been raped, sexually assaulted or abused and don't know where to turn, turn to us. We are here.
Specially trained advisers are also available to support you through the criminal justice system if you decide to report the assault to the police. They can also support you through the trial, should the case go to court.