Royal Assent for Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill - Gwent Police Authority Comment

30th November 2010

The Authority, and indeed the Welsh Government, the Welsh Local Government Association, policing professionals and the House of Lords all opposed the plans to introduce this new system.

"However following the Bills Royal assent, all Police Authority members are totally committed to ensuring that the public of Gwent continue to receive the best possible police service during the transition period. We will continue to work diligently to provide a smooth and positive transition from Police Authority to Police Commissioner, leaving the best legacy possible."

Mrs Davies concluded:

"Over the years Gwent Police Authority can be proud of a record which has helped to ensure that Gwent Police delivers the best possible service. There are many challenges currently facing Policing, not least finance, and over the next 14 months Gwent Police Authority will continue to play a full and constructive role in addressing these."