Police forces in England and Wales will send officers to every burgled home

6th October 2022

I was pleased to hear this week that the 43 Chief Constables in England and Wales have agreed that all victims who have had their home burgled will receive a visit from a police officer.

This is already our policy here in Gwent and I am glad that it will now be the case across the rest of England and Wales. Burglary is an incredibly invasive crime that can destroy lives and we are committed to ensuring that victims receive the best possible service.

Crucially though, we want to stop people becoming victims of burglary in the first place.

Gwent Police’s We Don’t Buy Crime team has been helping to protect our communities and disrupt the criminal supply chain, making it incredibly difficult for criminals to dispose of stolen goods. The team also provides victims with crime prevention packs to help deter reoffending.

Through the Home Office’s Safer Streets scheme we have also secured funding to provide home security devices and other crime prevention tools for our communities.

In recent moths we have seen domestic burglaries fall in Gwent and, while we will never be complacent, I am proud that the proactive work we have been doing is now starting to show real results.