Police and Crime Panel makes precept recommendation

31st January 2020

The Gwent Police and Crime Panel has today reviewed the proposed council tax precept set out by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Jeff Cuthbert.

It has recommended that the Commissioner considers options to reduce the proposed precept increase from 6.99 per cent to six per cent for 2020/21.

The Gwent Police and Crime Panel, which is a body made up of representatives from each of Gwent’s five counties, made the recommendation at a panel meeting at County Hall, Usk.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert said: “I understand that the panel has a difficult decision to make and that any increase could be hard for residents.

“I am pleased that they haven’t vetoed the proposal and that they listened to the sound financial case from my office and Gwent Police.

“I will speak with the Chief Constable of Gwent Police to understand how their recommendation may affect service provision.”

The panel needs to submit a report by February 8 on the recommendation. The Commissioner has to respond to this by 15 February on whether he accepts its recommendation.