Open letter to Prospective Parliamentary candidates

27th March 2015

As this is the first General Election since the appointment of Police and Crime Commissioners, it's important to ensure information relating to policing and crime is transparent and equally available to all prospective parliamentary candidates. The Commissioner cannot imply the police support or are against a candidate and he cannot use his resources or those of the force to support or campaign against a candidate.

The Commissioner commented: "I think it's important for anyone interested in standing for election within the Gwent Force area to be clear on what they can and cannot ask of their PCC. "I have therefore arranged for the publication of the letter on my website for anyone wishing to find out more.

Further information about the national guidance for Police and Crime Commissioners is also available from my office."

In addition to the guidance the letter provides a link to a briefing for candidates that senior officers are currently providing to communities regarding the force's new police operating model.

The letter also states that the Commissioner's office will respond positively to requests from candidates for factual information about policing and crime and will make that information available to all candidates.