Officers support VAWDASV event

10th February 2023

I was pleased to see officers attending a regional violence against women, domestic violence and sexual violence (VAWDASV) workshop to raise awareness of how Gwent Police are tackling these issues.


The workshop brought together practitioners and staff from organisations that support and advocate for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence to help them expand their knowledge on a range of issues.


Officers from the Gwent Police spoke about how they are working together and with partners to tackle these issues, demonstrating their commitment to ensure those at most risk are supported and perpetrators of abuse are prosecuted.


I would like to thank everyone involved and remind those experiencing violence against women, domestic abuse and/or sexual violence to seek help.


Abuse takes many forms, whether that’s physical sexual, financial, discriminatory, institutional, and emotional or neglect. The perpetrator could be a relative, a friend or neighbour, a member of staff or anyone within the community.


For more information about VAWDASV and help that is available, go to