New Multilingual Stop and Search Leaflets

12th October 2015

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Gwent, Ian Johnston, monitors the use of stop and search powers used by Gwent Police. With a diverse population and with numerous languages spoken in Gwent across communities of varying sizes, Gwent PCC Ian Johnston's office has produced the Stop & Search: Know Your Rights leaflet and has translated that leaflet into six different languages to represent some of the make-up of local communities. The leaflet, which is also available online on the Commissioner's website, has been translated into Arabic, Bengali; Chinese, English, Polish and Welsh.

The Know Your Rights leaflet is a pocket sized summary of the main points that people should know about the police use of stop and search powers. Over 2,200 stop and searches were conducted in Gwent last year and the new leaflets take into account new Home Office guidelines.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Ian Johnston, said: "Stop and search is a valuable policing tool which helps to keep our communities safe. Public co-operation is essential to make sure that stop and search is used properly and it's important that residents are clear on their rights when being stopped and searched. One of my duties as Commissioner is to engage with the public and these leaflets have been designed to inform our communities and help those who want to know more about their rights and responsibilities."

For more details about the use of Stop and Search and access to the translations in alternative languages and different formats click here

If you feel you have been treated unfairly during a search you can make a complaint by emailing: or you contact the Commissioner's office at: