National Police Memorial Day

28th July 2021

Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Jeff Cuthbert joined by the Deputy Police Crime Commissioner, Eleri Thomas, and Deputy Chief Constable, Amanda Blakeman at a ceremony to mark National Police Memorial Day.

National Police Memorial Day is an opportunity to remember officers that have lost their lives while on duty both locally and across the UK.

Jeff Cuthbert, Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent said:

“I would like to pay tribute to those officers and their families for the service they have given, both to Gwent Police and to the people of Gwent. You will not be forgotten.

“The day also provides opportunity to thank serving police officers for the hard work, dedication and courage that they display every day as they protect and serve our communities.

“Their decision to pursue a career on the front-line of policing is a brave one.

“The risks they take are very real.

“Assaults on emergency workers have increased over the last few years. We know that community tensions during the pandemic have only made this worse.

“Physical and verbal abuse is now commonplace, and I am sure that every front-line officer will have their own experience of this.

“We mustn’t forget that only last year one of our own officers was stabbed during an altercation. This shows just how serious attacks on police officers can be.

“These appalling crimes must not be tolerated.

“Our police officers deserve to carry out their duty without being threatened, assaulted and abused.

“This is why I have campaigned for tougher penalties for those who assault our emergency workers, and I fully support new government legislation that means criminals who commit these crimes can face longer prison sentences.

“The new laws will help to ensure that the sentences criminals receive for assaults on emergency workers are more appropriate for the mental and physical harm they have caused.

“I know that Gwent’s police officers have gone above and beyond the expectations of their roles to help keep our communities safe during the pandemic. They deserve our thanks, and our respect.

“I am elected by the people of Gwent to be the public voice of policing and, on behalf of the public, I would like to thank all police officers, past and present, for their service.”