Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner Awards Over £50,000 to Local Community Groups

17th April 2013

The money comes from the Police Property Act Fund. This money is raised from the sale of property which has come into the possession of the police in connection with a crime and where the owner cannot be found.

Groups were invited to apply for funding throughout February, and the successful applicants were decided last week by the Commissioner and a panel made up of staff from his office and the Force.

Through the application process the groups had to show how they would use the money granted to help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour or divert people away from crime.

Those that were successful in receiving funding included: PACE Film - £5000 BRFM - £5000 Valleys Family Church Youth Club - £500 Markham Community House - £3100 Three Solitaires Marching Band - £500 Cefn Forest Boxing Club - £1000 Oakdale Mini Rugby - £1000 Chepstow Street Pastors - £2500 Red Kite Youth Club - £2300 Caldicot Youth Group - £2000 1st Magor Scout Group - £500 Maindee Festival - £670 Newport Mediation - £2430 Glenside Chillout Club - £1000 Talywain RFC - £1000

Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner, Ian Johnston said; "I am delighted to be able to help local groups like these which are working hard to provide supportive, enjoyable and diversionary activities in the Gwent area for the good of the whole community.

"Any part these groups can play in helping us to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour is extremely welcome. We all have to take responsibility to make the area we live in a safer and more pleasant environment, and I hope that this money plays a small but significant part in contributing to the bright and long term future of these valued organisations."