Gwent PCC - Film Can Help Save Lives

12th February 2014

The Devil's Vice', a film produced by the BAFTA Cymru award winning film maker, Peter Watkins-Hughes, will be premiered tomorrow evening at the Market Hall cinema in Brynmawr (Thursday 13th February at 7pm).

Starring young Welsh actors Gareth Jewell and Sara Lloyd Gregory (who won Best Actress at last year's BAFTA Cymru Awards), 'The Devil's Vice' is a thriller that explores the control, manipulation and complexities surrounding domestic abuse from a totally different angle. The story follows a young middle class couple (a pregnant woman and her husband) living in rural Monmouthshire.

Funded by GIFT (Gwent Independent Film Trust), Gwent Police and a number of other UK Police Forces, the film will be offered to community groups and every UK Police Force. The project also features a website which will offer essential advice and information about domestic violence .

Gwent Police Force was one of four UK Forces to pilot areas for the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (known as Clare's Law). This allows people to request access to a partner's criminal record. This scheme will be rolled out to every part of the UK from March 8 2014. The scheme is named after Clare Wood. She was murdered in February 2009 by her ex-boyfriend, George Appleton, at her home in Manchester.

Highlighting the important role the film can play in raising awareness and educating people about the real horror of domestic violence, the Police and Crime Commissionerfor Gwent, Ian Johnston, said: "Any resource that can help save the life of a victim or prevent them from serious harm is welcome. Whether it's male or female victims of domestic abuse, I hope this new film will provide people with the information they need to escape an abusive situation before it's too late. Projects such as this one can play a vital role in ensuring that more people can make informed decisions about their relationship."

He added: "My Victims' Charter, which I launched last year, ensures a victim-centred focus to the services being delivered by Gwent Police and our other partners. Protecting victims of crime and improving the way services are delivered to them is at the heart of everything we do and resources like this film play an important role in encouraging those potentially suffering abuse to report it to the Police."

Gwent Police's Deputy Chief Constable (interim), Lorraine Bottomley, who will host the premiere, said: "We were looking for a new way of reaching a new generation and this format means people will see the real horror of domestic violence in a new context."

Actress Sara Lloyd-Gregory, who won Best Actress at last year's BAFTA Cymru Awards, said: "The Devil's Vice is a very important film to show because domestic abuse can take many guises; it can be mental as well as physical and is dangerous in every way. I believe that everyone has the right to know who they are dealing with when they enter a relationship, and that is reason enough for Clare's law."