Gwent Commissioner Opens Doors on Private Meeting

29th April 2013

He is also providing residents with an opportunity to submit questions which will be answered at the meeting.

The Strategy and Performance Board meeting is a decision making forum for the Commissioner. It provides him with an opportunity to monitor force performance and is where he holds the Chief Constable to account and ensures that the residents of Gwent have an efficient and effective police force.

The monthly meetings will be held in different local authority areas in Gwent to make them as accessible to the public as possible.

The first meeting is to be held at Monmouthshire County Hall, Rhadyr, Usk at 10am on Tuesday May 21st.

Mr Johnston said: "It is important for this meeting to be held in public as it provides residents with an opportunity to have their questions answered and also, to see how I hold the Chief Constable to account on important matters affecting them including effectiveness and efficiency of policing; distribution and level of staffing and resources and review and identification of community concerns. My aim is to make policing straightforward, transparent and accessible with residents given a real opportunity to have their concerns heard and answered."

Questions from members of the public must be in writing and need to be received by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner at least seven days before the meeting. Thirty minutes at the beginning of the meeting will be dedicated to answering the questions.

The answers to the questions will also be published on the Police and Crime Commissioner's website on

Submit questions by email to: Or by post to:

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Police Headquarters
NP44 2XJ.

You may also submit questions via social media:

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