DJ project opening up opportunities for young people in Torfaen

25th February 2022

Young people in Torfaen, who are disengaged with education or employment, and at risk of becoming involved with crime and antisocial behaviour, are learning DJ skills as part of a Police and Crime Commissioner funded project.

The Inspire project is training young people to write, record and edit their own radio shows, encouraging them to develop multiple skills and breaking down barriers to education, training and employment.

The funding from the Commissioner’s office has paid for a small music studio with professional recording equipment, and an employee to train and mentor the young people, who are referred to the project from schools and the Youth Offending Service.

Gareth Jones, Inspire Project Manager, said: “We work with young people who may be struggling to engage with education or stay in employment, and offer them an opportunity to learn new skills and build their confidence by doing something that they really enjoy.

“We are finding that young people who would previously avoid school are now attending regularly as they know they will get to come and work with us. We have seen huge developments in everyone who has engaged with the project in terms of their confidence, ability to work as a team, and to focus on the task at hand which will have great benefits for their future job opportunities.”

The funding comes from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Fund which aims to enable children and young people to live safer, healthier lives.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert said: “When young people disengage from education and employment, they are particularly vulnerable to involvement in crime and antisocial behaviour. By offering them the opportunity to do something that is meaningful to them we can help them to develop while ensuring they are safeguarded, supported, and able to achieve their full potential.”