Crime and Anti Social Behaviour driven down again in Gwent

19th July 2012

Overall crime is down 15% across Gwent, the biggest reduction in crime levels in England and Wales. The figures, which look at the 12 months to March 2012 as compared to the 12 months to March 2011, show that a total of 38,879 crimes were committed during the latest period as compared to 45,593 in the previous period. This means that overall there were nearly 7000 fewer victims of crime or 18 fewer crimes per day.

Operational Policing lead, Assistant Chief Constable Simon Prince said: "The figures released today are once again a ringing endorsement of our flexible and innovative approach to tackling crime, and the work we undertake with partners to prevent crime. "Residents must also take credit for this continued drop, with people doing more to improve their own personal security, and taking on board crime prevention advice provided by us and our partners."

A breakdown of the figures show that:

Robbery was down 42% or 93 fewer victims
Burglary was down24% or 1654 fewer instances
Vehicle crime was down 27% or 1659 fewer instances
Criminal damage was down 18% or 1659 fewer instances
Violence against the person was down 13% or 1043 incidents

The only areas which have seen increases are sexual offences and drugs, however these figures should be treated as a positive indicator. The increase in sexual offences, many of which are of a historical nature, demonstrate that more and more people have the confidence to report these crimes which have traditionally been under reported.

In regards to the increase in drug offences, this shows that Gwent Police operations around this harmful and damaging crime are working, with more drug dealers being identified, arrested and put in front of the courts.

Amongst the other figures released today are figures showing that Anti social behaviour (ASB) incidents have fallen 15% between 2009-10 and 2010-11.

Our latest figures show that this number continues to fall with 36,882 incidents being reported in 2011/12 a reduction of 17,439 incidents or 32% as compared to the 54321 instances reported in 2010-11.

ACC Prince went on: "These figures show that working with the community and our partners we are succeeding in driving down the problem of anti social behaviour. Every Gwent resident has the right to feel safe, and be safe, in their community and we will continue to work closely with other agencies to help improve the quality of life of our residents."

In conclusion ACC Prince commented: "Given the difficult economic backdrop I'm very proud of hard work and effort put in by our staff and officers, who continue to provide the public with an excellent service.

"Whilst the reduction in crime and anti social behaviour is to be welcomed, this news might of little comfort to those who have been victims of crime or anti social behaviour. What I can promise to those who have been affected is that we will continue to work hard and where possible prevent crime or ASB occurring. Where crimes are committed we will do our best to solve them and bring the perpetrators to justice".

Chair of the Police Authority Cilla Davies commented: "On behalf of the Police Authority I must congratulate our officers and staff for continuing to drive down crime and anti social behaviour. Gwent Police has now earned a reputation as one of the best performing Forces in England and Wales and most of this is down to the hard work and dedication of our officers and staff.

"There are obviously many difficult challenges ahead, and we acknowledge that we will have to do more with less in the future. However the Police Authority will continue to challenge the Chief Constable and her team to improve performance and continue to provide the public with the excellent service it deserves".