County Lines: Spot the Signs

18th September 2020

Gwent Police is urging the public to spot the signs of County Lines drug gangs.

County Lines is the name given to drug networks operated by criminal gangs outside of their home cities and towns.

Gwent Police’s Cadets have produced a video on how to spot the tell-tale signs that has been shared with schools and youth organisations across Gwent.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert said: “County Lines is a growing problem in our communities. It is complex, often hidden, and targets some of the most vulnerable people in society. It is part of the bigger picture of serious and organized crime that affects more UK citizens than any other national security threat.

“The Gwent Police Cadets have done a fantastic job creating this video and I hope that it will help other young people to be aware of this issue, and know what to do and who to turn to if they spot the signs of County Lines in their own communities.”

Anyone with any information about county lines related activities can report it to Gwent Police via 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Alternatively, Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111 or young people can pass on information anonymously at

What are the key signs a young person could be at risk?

  • Always going missing from school/home.
  • Travelling alone to places far away from home.
  • Receiving gifts – lots of money or new mobile phones.
  • Receiving more messages than usual.
  • Carrying or selling drugs.
  • Carrying weapons or know people that have access to weapons.
  • In a relationship with or hanging out with people who are older/controlling.
  • Seem very reserved or seem like they have something to hide.
  • Unexplained injuries and seem scared or upset.